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Featured on The Steve Harvey Show, The Katie Couric Show and Lifetime Television, Craig Perra and his team of amazing coaches empowers men to break free and create great lives in 20+ countries worldwide. They’ve also created a groundbreaking partner empowerment program. His program is a revolutionary evolution of the disease based addiction model that quickly empowers you to stop your sex addiction and porn addiction and create a great life fast.

Welcome to Addiction 2.0 – An Evolution of The Disease Based Model. 

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

This program harnesses the science of …


Habits control our lives. And they cannot be erased. They must be replaced. Master your habit cycle and use your triggers to drive positive change and interrupt your sex and porn addiction habits.


Mindfulness is one of the most powerful behavior change modalities in existence today to treat addictions. Combined with habit mastery, it reduces addictive cravings and increases your power of choice rapidly. 

sex and porn addiction coach


The cure for this addiction is the aggressive pursuit of a great life. Success depends upon you doing something else. This program teaches goals, metrics, and accountability… through action!

Because this program is habit based, it is not limited to compulsive sexual behavior or addictions. It applies to any aspect of your life where you want to improve. 

Craig Perra

This powerful program includes:

Powerful Video Lessons

Designed to mimic Craig’s one on one coaching program costing thousands, these 35+ high quality videos will take you step by step from addiction, to recovery, to living in the comfort of your own home on any device. 

Free 1-on-1 Session with Me

Get started in a powerful way with a 15 minute consultation with me – you will learn how to best take this program and maximize your results. 

FOUR (4) Weekly Support Calls

Join one or all of the four (4) accountability conference calls held every single week (accessible worldwide). Learn critical techniques, be accountable, connect with other men, and ask questions. 

Moderated Community Forum

Me and my other Coaches – personally trained by me – will inspire you to hit your goals and support other members on your journey.

40+ Exercises

Complete over 40+ exercises that teach and reinforce critical concepts learned in the program and empower you to take action. These exercises have been proven time and time again to be life changing. 

Money Back Guarantee

Unconditional, no questions asked money back guarantee. Set the bar high – if you’re not on track to profoundly changing your life in 21 days, you get your money back. 

I leveraged my executive background in corporate training to build this best in class elearning program – it’s structured and foundational – each lesson builds on the other.

Within each lesson, there exists clearly defined learning objectives, goals, and exercises, to ensure that you make progress. 

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Profesional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

You will learn how to:

  • Transform your powerful sexual energy into creating a great life
  • Use metrics to eliminate compulsive behavior, accomplish goals, and drive results
  • Master your habit cycle and use tools to “hack” or interrupt your compulsions
  • Use your biologically hard wired triggers to drive positive actions
  • Move past historical traumas and other drivers of your compulsive behavior
  • Define and create healthy sexuality and intimacy in your life
  • Master powerful mindfulness techniques to reduce compulsive cravings and increase well being
  • Create a structured life plan to capture the life you want 
  • Learn real tools and techniques to “hack” or disrupt your habit/addiction cycle
  • Systematically own your s%!# – be accountable for your actions instead of making excuses for them
  • Control your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so you WANT to do something more productive
  • Retrain your mind to naturally and automatically eliminate the urge to watch porn and instead… ch
    oose habits that make healthy choices a priority
  • Create mission critical “infrastructure” in your life, just like successful companies do, to make your freedome permanent
  • Use the latest goal setting techniques to move you towards the life you want
  • Master your triggers and no longer be a slave to them
  • Embrace your power of choice


I believe in accountability – and that applies to me too!

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

Money Back Guarantee

I’m a strong believer in holding my clients accountable.  After all, this accountability is what keeps you moving forward. But that applies to me as well – you’re paying me for results so that’s what I must deliver.

I want you to feel confident about trying this course today, so I’ve included a 21 day money back guarantee to ease your mind and reduce all risk.

What do I get again?

You get the framework to stop your compulsive behaviors and create a great life.

  • The Mindful Habit System in it’s entirety
  • 35+ high quality video lessons
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • FOUR Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Support forum staffed by Professional Coach
  • Recovery from the comfort of home

  • Over 40 exercises and behavior modification tools
  • 1 on 1 personal session with me (15 minutes)
  • New videos and modules added monthly
  • Ongoing support


Buy Now and Get these Three Free Bonuses

Limited Time Only

I want you to embrace your power of choice, be free from compulsive sexual behavior AND living a great life. Enjoy these FREE bonuses to help you on your journey. 

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

Free Bonuses End In









Valued at $49.00 U.S., this 175 page workbook authored by me will dramatically enhance your journey. And it’s your’s free.

It guides you through the course step by step and has a specific chapter for each video.

You can print it out, store it digitally . . . it’s yours – whether you stay on the program or not.

Free. I want you to have this whether or not you stick with the program.

It’s your’s just for signing up. 



How much does it cost?

First month free (use coupon code “rightwolf) 

$49.00 per month after

Cancel Anytime

21 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes Craig, I’m Ready…

To learn your incredible skills

To embrace my power of choice

To create the life I want and deserve

To break free from compulsive sexual behavior

Buy Sex and Porn Addiction Program

Thank you for trusting me with your recovery. I look forward to honoring that trust with a powerful program that drives results. If you’re not on track to profoundly changing your life in 21 days, please ask me for your money back. 


Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method and Owner of Feed The Right Wolf

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