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He loves me, He loves me not…Can my porn addicted boyfriend LOVE me?

I encourage you to look at his addiction as a function of his unmet needs, his inability to connect with others and himself. Look at his addiction as a sign of a man who has not yet learned to love himself. Consider that this cycle started most likely long before you were ever in the picture, and regardless, it has nothing to do with a personal failing of yours, or of an inability on his part to have feelings for you.

The Long View: Is my partner’s sex addiction a life sentence?

At Feed the Right Wolf, we believe that men have the power to choose and we offer programs that support that choice. At Feed the Right Wolf, we believe both the man and his partner have the right to be with someone who does not need to be babysat or coddled. We work with you towards becoming a strong independent woman, while your partner works towards owning his power of choice.

Stop Chasing The Ideal Of Beauty!

Today's article is about the standards of beauty that we all cultivate. The way you perceive beauty affects your relationship in a profound way - it can take it to the next level and create intimacy, or destroy it. It is true that every culture and age has its ideal...

5 Things Wrong With Porn

What is wrong with pornography? Penetration of pornography into mass culture and the sexualization of society is a phenomena which we can no longer turn a blind eye to. Just like computerization has become a part of our daily operations, so has pornography. Argument...

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