Leave Tiger Woods Alone

About a week ago I decided to suggest on my blog that Tiger Woods could be a sex addict. In the past 6 months I’ve been watching recent sex scandals fairly close  and did not notice much controversy surrounding any of them. For one reason or another, Tiger Woods’ case has exploded. There are thousands of websites speculating about Tiger Woods being a sex addict and digging through his dirty laundry. Everybody acts so shocked about the fact that a role model and an excellent athlete would Read more […]

I’ve Been Masturbation Free For 1 Year

I have masturbated compulsively 2-4 times a day since I was 11 years old and through the most of my adult life. Since I was a little child I came to believe that it was just a physical need and that I had no ways of controlling it. I have tried to stop before, but I did not understand my “strong sexual drive” fueled by my choices of daily activities and therefore was not able to control my masturbation. A year ago I finally had enough as I described in my previous post 7 Steps to Recovery: That Read more […]