1. What does a “Power greater than ourselves” mean to you?

To me a “Power greater than myself” means the principle that governs the universe. I do not have full capacity to understand it, but I can safely conclude from my observations and everything that I know in life that there is a certain method to the madness. This rule, this law gives me confidence that there is an appropriate consequence to every action. And that I need to do good things if I want good things in my life. After joining the program I have also discovered that there were other, more direct ways that I could connect to that higher power. I am guessing since I am part of the universe I had an ability to connect to this higher power, which allows me to use it to guide my day. I have now noticed that when I spend my day connected to my higher power, I feel really good about life. I feel happy and at peace with the world.

2. Why does it say “could” and not “would” restore us to sanity?

Because whether I will be restored to sanity or not remains to be seen, but it is required that I accept that the “higher power” has the capacity – could – restore me to sanity before I can move on with the rest of my recovery.

3. What is your definition of “sanity”?

I am still working on defining that. It is much more than abstaining from my inner circle behaviors. I think sanity is going through life connected to my higher power and living out the higher powers will for me on a daily basis. I think sanity is willingly doing things that are good for me and willingly walking away from things that are bad for me.

4. What do you need from a “higher Power”? What would you like such a power to be in your life?

I would like the higher power to be my life. I want to spend the rest of my life caring out higher powers’ will for me. That is I believe the only way to live my life that will make it worthwhile. That is what I need from a “higher Power”, to be present in my life as a guiding force and taking me to a greater place allowing me to be the best man that I can be.