Recent research from Cambridge University indicates that ” running stimulates the brain to grow fresh grey matter and it has a big impact on mental ability”.

This was exactly my experience when I was struggling to break out from my addictive cycle. As the research indicates “A few days of running led to the growth of hundreds of thousands of newbrain cells that improved the ability to recall memories withoutconfusing them, a skill that is crucial for learning and othercognitive tasks”. I think that learning to recall some of the memories without confusing them from reality was a very crucial part in my recovery.

Additionally “Previous studies have shown that “neurogenesis” is limited in peoplewith depression, but that their symptoms can improve if they exerciseregularly. Some antidepressant drugs work by encouraging the growth ofnew brain cells.” This is another statement that completely agrees with my personal experience. Depression is often linked to addictions and I know it was the case for me.

I do not think running alone will be sufficient as the only tool to fight addiction, but I am confident that it is one of the most powerful tools that we have and it would be a good idea to use it regularly in combination with other methods.