Porn addicts live lives of deceit, fear, secrecy, and guilt. They often find themselves in the wake of depression, irritation, and other various kinds of negative feelings and emotions. The road to recovery from this type of addiction is often a painful one that often comes with different obstacles, making it even more difficult for a person to break free. Relapse is quite common among recovering porn addicts, which is why it is crucial to undertake these steps that would help you in ending porn addiction for good.

Get rid of pornography

If you are like most people and your source of pornography is the Internet, have a family or friend install a filtering system on your computer that will permanently block explicit content such as pornographic websites. This way, you will not be able to disable the filtering system when you feel like going back to your old ways.

Now, if you are a traditionalist who gets pornography from videos and magazines, you would need to throw these things away. Don’t give them to anyone or hide them in the attic. Get rid of them permanently. Or else, you might just go back looking for them or asking them back when you’re tempted to use pornography again.

Know how to fight temptations

Another effective way to prevent relapse is to formulate strategies on how to resist temptations to look at pornography. Always provide yourself with alternative things to do to distract yourself so you can fight temptations more effectively.

For example, if you are feeling that itch to go to the store to buy X-rated movies, head to the movies and see the latest action packed film instead. If you are tempted to buy pornographic materials from the magazine stand, go plan a beach outing with friends to take your mind off it.

If you find yourself saying, “I will only take a small peek and that’s it!” do not resist to that temptation. One small peak and you can be back from where you have started.

Join a support group

At first, you might be a little queasy about joining a porn addiction support group. It could be very embarrassing to tell the world about your shameful habits. However, it is important to realize that in a support group you will find that you are not alone in this endeavor. In fact, you will meet people going through the same predicament and you can work hand in hand with them in ending porn addiction permanently.

Find a hobby

Finding something worthwhile to do is also a great way to stop porn addiction. Many recovering porn addicts find themselves wanting to succumb back to their addiction when they have nothing else better to do. To avoid this scenario, keep yourself busy by doing something that you are really fond of doing. Chances are, you will be able to recover more easily from this addiction for good.

Ending porn addiction is not a walk in the park. With temptations present 24/7 all around you, relapse is possible. Fight any temptations using the methods mentioned above so you can put an end to this harmful addiction permanently.