Don’t try to think your way into a new kind of acting, act your way into a new kind of thinking.

For most of my life I used to look at the things that I did as a consequence of who I was. For example if I got a bad grade in school, I would think, that this was a result of me being a stupid person.

Now I realize it is not who I am that determines what I do; but in opposite, it is what I do, the choices that I make on a daily basis, that determines who I am.

If I choose to eat healthy, if I choose to exercise, if I choose to work my program of recovery – I will be a healthy, sober person.

The word “choose” is not something that addicts are very familiar with. After all if we could choose to not act out, we would. The point is while we are powerless over choosing not to do certain behaviors, we are able to choose to do positive things in our lives. For example we can choose to go to a 12 step meeting or seek counseling. Overtime we can learn to fill up our lives with enough healthy choices, that there will be no room left for our addiction.