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Sexual Addiction
Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)
Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)
Survivors of Incest Anonymous (SIA)

Substance Abuse
Alcoholic Anonymous (AA)
Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)
Marijuana Anonymous (MA)
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Nicotine Anonymous (NicA)
Pills Anonymous (PA) recovery from prescription pill addiction.
Smokers Anonymous (SA)

Family and Friends of Addicts 
Codependents of Sex Addicts (COSA)
CoSex and Love Addicts Anonymous (COSLAA)
Al-Anon/Alateen, for friends and family members of alcoholics
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) for people working to end patterns of dysfunctional relationships and develop functional and healthy relationships
Co-Anon, for friends and family of addicts
Families Anonymous (FA) for relatives and friends of addicts
Gam-Anon/Gam-A-Teen, for friends and family members of problem gamblers
Nar-Anon, for friends and family members of addicts
Recovering Couples Anoymous (RCA) Recovery for coupleships damaged by addictions .
Emotional Health Anonymous

Other Groups
Clutterers Anonymous (CLA)
Debtors Anonymous (DA)
Emotions Anonymous (EA) for recovery from mental and emotional illness
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA)
Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA)
Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
Neurotics Anonymous (NAIL) for recovery from mental and emotional illness
Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
Online Gamers Anonymous (OLGA)
Workaholics Anonymous (WA)
Celebrate Recovery Christian recovery program
Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA)

Additional Addiction Resources
FAQ about Substance Abuse
The Science of Addiction
The Psychology of High
Drug Tolerance, Drug Addiction, and Drug Anticipation
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive