Why Do Men Cheat? Do All Guys Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat? There is a large group of men who want to be faithful to their wives and girlfriends, but they end up cheating anyway. Why does it happen? Most of men are confused about their sexuality due to a conflict between the way that they learn to expect their sexuality to behave and their actually experience. The Big Lie Growing up most of men learn from movies, books, and stories that others tell them that when they will grow up, they will meet their true love, fall in Read more […]

Deprogram from Porn Addiction by Changing your Lifestyle and Routine

Overcoming a hard habit to break such as porn addiction is very difficult but it is not impossible. One effective way of doing this is by changing one’s lifestyle and routine. Most people who are addicted to pornography spend most, if not all of their day, looking at, viewing, and reading pornographic materials. A change in lifestyle and routine is one of the first steps that will help a person deprogram from porn addiction. To know more about this strategy, continue reading. The first step Read more […]

Oxycontin ( Methadone ) Negative Side Effects and Symptoms of Addiction

OxyContin addiction has been called an epidemic, and it’s spreading fast. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), prescriptions for OxyContin increased 20-fold within four years from the prescription drug’s market debut. Intended for the pain management of cancer patients and others with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, or sickle cell anemia—all patients who endure prolonged periods of pain, the increase in OxyContin use can only be described as phenomenal. Read more […]

Candeo Can – Overcoming Pornography Addiction – Summary and Review

If you want to skip the summary, go straight to the reviews at the comment area. Candeo Can online program has completely revolutionized my personal recovery. I have learned more from this program in two months than I did in over a year of one-on-one counseling. I am now a year and a half free from compulsive masturbation, and 6 months free from purposely looking at any form of pornographic material. Let me give you a brief overview of how Candeo Can training course is organized, and then later Read more […]

David Letterman Cheated on his Wife, is He a Sex Addict?

OK, first I must admit that I only used term “Sex Addiction” for lack of better term. What I really meant to say was, David Letterman is just another man who did not know how to control his sexual urges, and whose behaviours eventually got him in trouble. If you have not heard the news yet, David Letterman came up on his show last night, and publicly announced that he was blackmailed for sexual affairs that he had with some women who worked for his show. You can read more about it here. These Read more […]

Tiger Woods is a Sex Addict

It appears that Tiger Woods was just another man who fell victim to his sexuality. I am sure everybody have heard of a recent controversy surrounding Tiger. Supposedly he got into a car accident after a heated argument with his wife in regards to his affair with another woman. I have no way of knowing exactly what happened that day, but I do know the statement that Tiger Woods made on his personal website. I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. Read more […]

Steve Pavlina’s Divorce Was Just a Matter of Time

I have just discovered that one of my favorite bloggers, lets call him Steve, has announced that his wife and him decided to end their marriage. These are very sad news for me, since Steve was an inspiration for me for a very long time. I learned so much from him about time management, goal setting, dealing with addiction, and blogging. I became a little concerned when I read Steve’s post about his experiment with polyamory. I couldn’t help but see some parallels between his actions, and Read more […]

Is Sex Addiction a Norm?

I keep struggling with one issue, I keep thinking that mild level of sex and porn addiction is a norm. For example, when I was in the military 80-90% of the man slept around, watched pornography and treated women as objects. I have witnessed many men do thing far worse then some of the things that I’ve done, that I consider to be part of sexual acting out(I am sex addict in recovery). What I consider to be a slip up now, is a day to day living for most of the men. Because of that I feel Read more […]

15 Year Old Girl Gang Raped with Dozen People Watching, is Pornography to Blame?

Update: Please visit the following website to find out more infomration on how you can support the rape victim. I am braking my own rule about not posting this week, but I had to say something. This post is in regards to 15 year old girl from High school in Richmond, California getting raped, with many people watching and nobody doing anything about it. I just got done listening to an hour long coverage from NPR and have read through few articles online. There were many possible causes for Read more […]

3 Smart Tricks to Stop Porn Addiction

Like many addictions, pornography addiction can be a big struggle. It is very difficult to determine that you have a problem, get down to the root causes, and most of all, overcome the condition. But do not lose hope. If you are one of the millions of people suffering from the same debilitating problem, you should know that there are various effective tricks to stop porn addiction. Here are some of them: Smart Trick # 1 – Admit you have a problem Many porn addicts suffer from years of addiction Read more […]