Update: Please visit the following website to find out more infomration on how you can support the rape victim.

I am braking my own rule about not posting this week, but I had to say something.

This post is in regards to 15 year old girl from High school in Richmond, California getting raped, with many people watching and nobody doing anything about it.

I just got done listening to an hour long coverage from NPR and have read through few articles online. There were many possible causes for the event being discussed, starting from computer games, and ending with the girl herself making a bad decision to “hang out with the wrong crowd”. And with all that coverage, I did not hear one person mention that widespread of pornography may be, just may be partially responsible for a generation of kids who think that it is OK to sexually assault an unconscious girl.

Don’t get me wrong. There were always bullies and there will always be bullies. But taking somebody’s lunch money, and picking on somebody’s clothing, is a long way away from watching somebody being raped. People were taking pictures with their phones, and nobody cared to call the police.