OK, first I must admit that I only used term “Sex Addiction” for lack of better term. What I really meant to say was, David Letterman is just another man who did not know how to control his sexual urges, and whose behaviours eventually got him in trouble. If you have not heard the news yet, David Letterman came up on his show last night, and publicly announced that he was blackmailed for sexual affairs that he had with some women who worked for his show. You can read more about it here.

These are not happy news, especially since Letterman just recently, in March of 2009, announced that he got married to his long term partner Regina Lasko, with whom he had son back in 2003. And this post is in no way meant to accuse Letterman or blame him for anything. But I think his story is a very clear example of the fact that even the smartest members of our society have very little understanding and control over their sexual behaviours.

I wish David Letterman and his family all of the best, and to get through this tough times as painlessly as possible. I feel a strong compassion towards David, just like I feel towards most of the people who got in trouble due to their sexual behaviours. I know that he simply didn’t know any better. And, as with other “sex addicts”, I just wish it didn’t have to be this way for him.

Update: Unfortunately it appears that David is going to lose his marriage due to this scandal. Let it be a lesson for the rest of us.