I keep struggling with one issue, I keep thinking that mild level of sex and porn addiction is a norm.

For example, when I was in the military 80-90% of the man slept around, watched pornography and treated women as objects.

I have witnessed many men do thing far worse then some of the things that I’ve done, that I consider to be part of sexual acting out(I am sex addict in recovery). What I consider to be a slip up now, is a day to day living for most of the men.

Because of that I feel like the men that we title as sex addicts are the few honest ones who did not want to be like everybody else. Unfortunately many of us tried to fight the fire with fire, and in the end ended up doing more damage than an average normal man does.

But I see it everywhere. Every time I am left in male only company, they all start to sound like complete sex addicts. I feel like I am in 12 steps meetings, except that they have no shame about their believes. A lot of the time my friends would do this stuff right in front of their girlfriends. (i.e. show off an iPhone app featuring models in bikinis).

I doubt many of my friends spend 10 hours a day watching pornography as I did during the worst period of my addiction ( some do). But I only got to that point after I tried to stop the sexual urges, and used pornography as a tool to do that. Most of my friends never tried to stop, and I feel that if they did, they would have experienced the same thing.

So I can’t help but to think that most of the men are sex addicts, and in a way it is a norm. Not normal but a norm.

Is this just my distorted thinking? Has my brain been damaged so much that I see my addiction everywhere? Am I not seeing things right? Are most of the men not actually doing the things that I think I see them do? Doesn’t anybody else see what I see? Those are the questions that I keep on asking myself… I feel like that John Nash from “A Beautiful Mind”…

What do you guys think ?