Why Do Men Cheat?

There is a large group of men who want to be faithful to their wives and girlfriends, but they end up cheating anyway. Why does it happen? Most of men are confused about their sexuality due to a conflict between the way that they learn to expect their sexuality to behave and their actually experience.

The Big Lie

Growing up most of men learn from movies, books, and stories that others tell them that when they will grow up, they will meet their true love, fall in love, get married and be happy ever after.

To their surprise growing up men begin  to observe a completely different picture. They notice that majority of their male friends treat women as objects. As something that they can use to improve their status, and to have fun.

Soon men begin to learn similar behaviors, and learn to enjoy them, since they provide an exciting and fun way to spend their time.

They assume, that perhaps world is not exactly the way they expected it to be, but it will all work out when they find the right person.

The Real Trouble

The real trouble begins when men finally do find that special woman with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Surely now they will feel satisfied, and all of their sexual desires will be channelled towards one woman, right? WRONG!

Most of the men are shocked to discover that their sexual habits, are not quick to change, and after the initial emotional high of being “in love” (usually from 6 months to 2 years) wears off, they realize that they begin to crave other women.

When they conduct a little research on the subject, they find that it is “normal” for men to feel this way. As long as they do not cheat on their partners, their feelings are acceptable.

So What Do Mend Do?

They decide to find a way to maintain their sexual urges. They began to watch more pornography, or try to hypnotize themselves by watching a lot of TV. They try to work a lot, or do other things to get their minds of reality.

The life stops being fun, and becomes a dreaded process.

The wives sense the change in their husbands and react by continuing to attempt to get their men to express their love again. They feel real concern since they do not understand why their men have become distant.

Men, at the time, feel like their are doing their best to stay faithful, but somehow it is just not working. Plus their wives keep bugging them, and they feel unappreciated.

Oftentimes wives will shut down to men’s sexual advances, since they don’t feel like they are being valued. Men in return, will use this fact as another proof that they are not being valued, and that relationship does not work.

What Happens Next? Men Cheat

Eventually men get too tired of the emotional roller coaster and of trying to “control their sexual nature“.

They begin to seek emotional comfort of feeling of love and comfort, somewhere else, and sooner or later a lot of them end up cheating.

Once the infidelity has occurred a lot of men realize the consequences of their actions. Their normal self return and their realize that they don’t want to lose their families.

So they lie, and try to cover up their affairs.

Unfortunately for many it is only a matter of time before the cycle repeats itself.

Do All Men Cheat?

No, not all men cheat.

Some men realize from their struggles that there is a different way. They learned that they were fed bunch of lies all their lives, and that just because they love somebody it is not going to magically transform who they are as human beings.

They understand that all of us have an animal instinct inside of us. And those instincts will always be there. And it is OK. We can use these instincts for good, or we can use this instincts for destruction. The choice is always our.

They also realize that true love is a choice. In order to experience true love that lasts through a life time both a husband and a wife must make an effort. Take the time to spend with each other, and make sure to continue to express their love in the way that other person will understand.