Two Week Commitment #6

Actually 3 weeks have gone by sine my last commitment. There are few things that happened. I still see a progress in the right direction, but I do not see as much of it as I’ve originally experience. This is a key point, where I would usually get disappointed and stop. I am not going to do it this time. In contrary, I am going to keep going. I am going to make observation of my disappointment a goal in itself, and I will journal about it. Last night I watched two very motivational boxing fights. Read more […]

Two Week Commitment #5

I just finished my last 2 week commitment, and must say that the results were better than I expected. For the entire two weeks I kept a log of my work and productive time, and of my Internet use. Towards the end of the week I was able to almost double the amount of time spent on being productive. The results were so inspiring that I am going to repeat this experience for two more weeks. I will make minor adjustments to my commitment. First, I’ve noticed that I’ve spent most of the Fridays watching Read more […]

Two Week Commitment #4

As an old Russian saying states: There are no new things in life, only well forgotten old. I feel that my recovery has completed a full circle of an upward spiral and now I am faced with a new challenge, which in many ways reminds me of some of my old experiences. Over the course of the past two weeks, I was not following through on my commitment. I did most of the things on my list, but I did not do them all, and my mind was not in the right place. I began to view my commitments as tasks, just Read more […]

Porn Became an Addiction to Me, And It Was Very Hard to Break Free

Like the majority of the people I was raised convinced that browsing sexually graphic material was obviously a totally normal conduct. My mother and father believed that it was OK and even permitted me to do it as much as I desired. I figured that I should be able to quit watching porn anytime I would find my true love. Long time have passed, and I have gradually started viewing increasingly more pornography. In the beginning I seemed to be restricted through my mother’s or father’s company, Read more […]

Five Languages of Love

I just finished reading a book called “The Five Love Languages” and wanted to share what I’ve learned from it.Basically the author says that every person has an “emotional tank” and when this tank gets empty people feel unhappy.The book is mainly about people in relationships. Author writes that when people first fall in love, they experience an emotional high. They view their partner as perfect. This emotional love only lasts for 6 months to 2 years and after it is gone, the partners begin to see Read more […]

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Porn Addiction?

One question people are commonly asking is “How long does it take to overcome porn addiction?”There are really two stages to the process.First stage is breaking out of the obsessive-compulsive cycle and that stage takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days. And the reason for it is because it takes about 30 to 90 days for a person to form a habit or to learn a new behavior and make it a habit.Second stage of overcoming pornography addiction is relapse prevention, and this stage is an ongoing process throughout Read more […]

Steve Pavlina’s Divorce, is Sex Addiction to Blame?

I have just discovered that one of my favorite bloggers,Steve Pavlina, has announced that his wife and him decided to get a divorce. These are very sad news for me, since Steve was an inspiration for me for a very long time. I learned so much from him about time management, goal setting, dealing with addiction, and blogging. I became a little concerned when I read Steve’s post about his experiment with polyamory. I couldn’t help but see some parallels between his actions, and some of my Read more […]

Two Week Commitment #3

This one is going to be quick. My 2 week commitment #2 was not as successful as #1 was. I got sick during the second week, and wasn’t able to complete the physical part of my commitment. Also my old shoulder injury began to act up because of the 30 push ups that I was doing.Therefore my next two week commitment is going to be a little easier. If I will feel strong again, I will increase it two weeks from now. I was able to meditate for the entire two weeks so I will bump up the meditation period Read more […]