I just finished my last 2 week commitment, and must say that the results were better than I expected. For the entire two weeks I kept a log of my work and productive time, and of my Internet use. Towards the end of the week I was able to almost double the amount of time spent on being productive. The results were so inspiring that I am going to repeat this experience for two more weeks.

I will make minor adjustments to my commitment. First, I’ve noticed that I’ve spent most of the Fridays watching TV and not being productive, so I will let myself do just that. On Saturdays, I would usually spend most of my day helping my mother and grandmother around the house, so I will commit to do just that. I will save the other 5 days for the school work. I will try to make both Friday and Saturday, “spending time with my girlfriend” days.

Second, during the last two weeks, while keeping a detailed log of my productive time, I realized that I had very little time left to work on my school work. I was making unrealistic expectations about how long most of my work would take, which would result in me not being able to finish everything, and having to default on some of my commitments. I was able to identify how much time I actually was spending on my school work, and made the proper adjustments. I re-negotiated amount of time I would work a week, reducing it to 4 hours. This will force me to take a huge pay cut, but I will be able to concentrate on my school work, which will bring me both a short term satisfaction and a long term prosperity.

Third, I got a sponsor in my 12 steps program, and I am really happy about that. My sponsor is great and he is having me do many things for my program. The most time consuming things are having to make two phone calls a day to somebody in the program, and going to 3 meetings a week. This is a new commitment, but without my sobriety I would not have anything, so to me it seems well worth the time spent.

Fourth, there are two things that I wanted to add to this blog, that I was not able to do under my commitment. This will be two things and two things only that I will post during next two weeks. This week I will post a summary of Candeo Can program, and next week I will post a summary of a good book that I’ve read on ADD. I was surprised to find that I’ve shared many of the symptoms relevant to ADD, and the book provided plenty of advice that can be used by anybody to improve their lives, without having to be officially diagnosed with the disease.

So here is my new two week commitment:

  • I will not watch any TV over the course of the next two week, except on Friday
  • I will only use Internet for work related activities. Except two post on this blog, one post per week
  • I will maintain a log of my Internet use ( I will actually start a new notebook, dedicated specifically to that)
  • I will either delete all of non-work related emails, or move them to a special folder to be reviewed at the end of two weeks.
  • I will face every urge to move away from being my best, with ERP response, followed by one of the activity from my 67 Healthy Things To Do For Fun list. (I only had to rely on this measure a few times during the last two weeks, most of the time I had relatively easy time keeping up with my schedule)
  • I will keep writing in my recovery journal
  • I will keep meditating for 15 minutes every day( I went from 5 to 15 minutes a day, because I was instructed to do so by my sponsor)
  • I will eat breakfast every morning
  • I will pray every morning and before I go to bed
  • I will drink glass of water every morning and before I go to bed
  • I will stretch every morning

Let two more weeks of fun begin.