Actually 3 weeks have gone by sine my last commitment.

There are few things that happened. I still see a progress in the right direction, but I do not see as much of it as I’ve originally experience. This is a key point, where I would usually get disappointed and stop. I am not going to do it this time. In contrary, I am going to keep going. I am going to make observation of my disappointment a goal in itself, and I will journal about it.

Last night I watched two very motivational boxing fights. Foreman vs Santos and Pacquiao vs Cotto. This morning I made my way into the gym first time in a very long time. I did 20 minutes of cardio on elliptical and I did 1 pyramid of pull ups. Pull up pyramid is an exercise where you start out from 1 pull up, then do 2, 3 and so on, until you can do no more. Once you reach your maximum number N, you make you way back down N…-3-2-1.My elliptical machine fitness test results were below average and my max set of pull ups was 4.  When I was in the Marine Corps 4 years ago, I could do pull up pyramid all the way up to 10, and I could run 3 miles in 20 minutes. It is easy to see how I could get easily demotivated with my current results and stop working out all together. But in actuality this situation presents a great opportunity for my personal growth. I am going to keep working out like that for the next two weeks, making my goal only to observe what really is, instead of what I want to be, keeping track of any expectations that I might have for myself, and replacing those expectations with the goal to remain in the now and observe what is.

Another thing that I’ve noticed, is that I forgot what my commitments were. Therefore this two weeks I am going to write them out on a 3×5 card and review them every morning as part of my morning practice.

So here are my commitments for next two weeks.

  • No new blog posts
  • Keep a time log for all Internet/TV and School related Activities.
  • Morning Practice
    • Get up at 6:30am
    • Do my reading and prayer
    • Stretch
    • Work out
    • Slow walk back
    • Shower
    • Breakfast
    • Glass of Water
  • Evening Practice
    • Journal
    • Glass of Water
    • Hygen
    • In bed by 10:30 pm
    • Prayer
  • Meditation for 10 minutes

I’ll see you in two weeks.