Free Recovery Course

In the Free Recovery Course You Will Discover…A chemical process that takes place in your brain causing you to get addicted The addictive cycle that your body goes through and how to break out of it How the human brain works and why sometimes you lose control of your actions Four simple exercises to strengthen your brain How to create your sexual recovery plan How to control your cravings An important strategy to help you beat your addiction once and for all How your beliefs Read more […]

Giving Back

In the past 3 years we had over 200,000 people benefit from this site, but we’ve only received 5 donations totaling $180 dollars. But you don’t have to give money , you can donate your time instead. Bellow you will find some detailed suggestions on how you can help. In summary it all comes down to getting the word out and helping other users on this site. 1. Share this site with others At the bottom of each post you will find a share button (see image bellow). This button can Read more […]

Welcome to the Porn Addiction Recovery Course!

Here you can find 23 article that contain all of the information that you need to break free from pornography addictions. I suggest reading each article in order. Many of our visitors found that it was too much information to observe in one day. If you find yourself feeling the same way you can either bookmark this site and come back to it later, download a PDF version, or submit your email to the form on the right and have each article emailed to you daily. Educating yourself is very important, Read more […]

Thank You for Your Time! Course Summary Inside

We have reached the end of this course. I am very thankful for you taking time and reading everything I had to say. I want to summarize everything that we’ve talked about up to this point, also to point you in the right direction so you can continue your journey of recovery. Summary In our course, we’ve talked about: · Chemical Changes that Take Place Inside an Addict’s Mind · The Addictive Cycle and Point of No Return · Triune Brain Model and How it Affects Our Decision Making · Read more […]

The Emptiness Inside of Me, and How to Fill It Up

In the last chapter, I mentioned a condition that I call “an Emptiness Inside of Me”. Let me explain a little better what I mean by that. When I was a teenager in high school, I got to listen to a presentation given by an alcoholic. She talked to us about her childhood and teenage years, how she felt that she didn’t belong to the world, could not connect to others, and how she felt this “emptiness” inside of her. She then went on to tell that when she first tried alcohol, she felt confident Read more […]

Filtering Software – A Tough But Important Decision

In the last chapter, I mentioned a tough decision that I had to make. That decision was turning the control of my Internet filter over to somebody else. By that point I had used the filter for at least a year, but I kept the password to myself. I viewed the filter as a tool that I could use to block out bad stuff whenever I wanted it to be blocked. Not surprisingly, every once in a while, I would convince myself to take off the filter for a seemingly good reason. Yet when the filter was gone, Read more […]

God’s Will for You, or Awaken Your Stronger Self

The more I read about recovery, the more I observe the same phenomenon being described over and over again in a wide range of literature, ranging from ancient Buddhist beliefs to modern day self-help books. This phenomenon has various names: God, Energy of the Universe, Higher Power, Observer within Us, and Our Stronger Self. But in my opinion, all of these attempt to describe one very important concept that is crucial to our well-being as humans. I think this is happening because through centuries, Read more […]

12 Steps Meetings – What Are They Like?

Previously, I talked about some of the benefits of 12 steps groups. Today, I want to spend some time reviewing the basic structure of 12 steps groups so you will be prepared in case you decide to visit one in the future. 12 Step Meeting Protocol Usually at the meetings, people are seated in a circular formation, with one person, a secretary, leading the meeting. Before the meeting starts, the secretary passes out a number of readings (single sheets of paper) that the people will be asked to Read more […]

What is Wrong with 12 Steps Groups, What is Right with 12 Steps Groups

In the last chapter, I talked about my experience during my relapse and how I ended up in a 12 steps program. I also suggested through my writing that the 12 steps approach might be beneficial for you. But at the same time I want you to be very careful with 12 steps programs. There are a lot of misconceptions and straight out lies floating around this program. That is why I ask you to always remember to: Take What Works for You, and Leave the Rest Behind Let me first point out just some Read more […]

My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part 2

In the last chapter, I shared with you how I had a relapse, got desperate, and began reading 12 steps literature. Now I am going to share what I found there and why it made sense to me. Very Brief History of Alcoholics Anonymous Essentially the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book is just a nickname, the book is actually pretty small) is a guidebook for the hopeless. It begins with Bill W., the founder of AA, sharing his personal struggle. He had been drinking for many years. At first Read more […]