In the past 3 years we had over 200,000 people benefit from this site, but we’ve only received 5 donations totaling $180 dollars.

But you don’t have to give money , you can donate your time instead. Bellow you will find some detailed suggestions on how you can help. In summary it all comes down to getting the word out and helping other users on this site.

1. Share this site with others

At the bottom of each post you will find a share button (see image bellow). This button can be used to submit whichever post that you liked to Facebook. Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and 330 other social networking sites.

By sharing this site you will help people in need of help find it, and will let Google and other search engines know that you considere information provided on this site to be of good quality and helpful.

Share Porn Addiction Help with Others

2. Comment on Related Blogs

If you find yourself reading other blogs, and find that some of the readers could benefit from information provided on this site, you can always leave a comment with a link pointing back to the article that you had in mind.

Alternatively, on a lot of blogs you can assign a specific link to the name you post under. For example on our blog one of the options to leave a comment is to select Name and URL option.

Then you can assign a specific link to your username, just like I did in the example image bellow. Please make sure not to spam other blogs. Only use this method if you feel like you are contributing valuable information.


3. Write About us on Your Blog

Do you own a blog of your own? It would help us a lot if you could say a few words about us there. Every little bit counts, from making a separate post about this blog, to mentioning us as your friend site on your sidebar.

You can create your own custom link or use one of the 3 suggested links bellow.

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4. Mention our site in other Forums

Do you participate in any other online forums? Do you think that readers there can benefit from some of the information provided on this site? By providing a link to some of the helpful resource found on this site you would help people in need to find the information that they are looking for, as well as help our community to spread our message.

Additionally some of the forums (like our Porn Addiction Forum ) allow their readers to set up custom signatures. These signatures get attached to every one of their posts. If you want, you could add a link to your favorite page on this site to your signature box. Please see an example of a signature box bellow.


5. Participate on This Site as Much as You Can

Spreading the word is important, but it becomes pointless unless we keep this community well and alive.

Any for of participation is extremely important. Some of the ways that you can get involved are:

  • Making comment on blog posts that you found helpful
  • Responding to comments made by others
  • Starting new discussions on our forum
  • Participating in ongoing discussion on our forum
  • Writing guest posts for our blog

While Every little bit counts! you don’t have to do any of this! But if you found this site helpful and want to help back a little these are just some of the ways that you can do so.

Thank you,