8 Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

Below are 8 symptoms of sexual addiction. To make this article more personal, Iā€™ll provide examples from my history and how it applied to my flavor of sex addiction. That being said, please keep an open mind and try to draw parallels with other forms of sexual behavior. Behaviors might differ for different people, ranging from online pornography to sex with prostitutes and other illegal acts. Underlying symptoms, however, remain the same. 1. Using sexual behaviors to escape stress and other problems Read more […]

Congressman David Wu is a Sex Addict

BBC.com reports that congressman David Wu has announced that he is resigning due to yet another sex scandal allegation. Congressman Wu is 56 years old, currently going through divorced and allegedly had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old girl, a daughter of his childhood friend and major campaign contributor.This announcement makes him 3rd congressmen to resign due to sex scandals in 2011. It is also interesting to note that the other two congressmen have resigned due to scandals that involved Read more […]

Can Computers Kill Curiosity and Creativity?

My opinion is based on my observations in the past 15 years or so. Indisputably the world became much smaller and much more global. That huge leap was mostly due to the extremely fast evolution of the computer systems and the high speed internet. We can talk to our relatives through skype for hours on end, we can order any movie or a song in an instant, we can watch any video we want, all -a click of a mouse away. And of course this is a wonderful development, but also I come to understand that Read more […]

Free Video Series on How Porn Affect Human Brain – Must See!

This morning I was introduced to a video series that provide the best description of effect that porn has on human brainthat I’ve ever came across. These videos are a must see for any individual who lives in the 21st century. And I highly recommend you invest an hour of your time to watch them. You can visit the authors of these video series at http://yourbrainonporn.com/your-brain-on-porn-series and please make sure to rate these videos and recommend them to others. They are truly remarkable! Read more […]