My opinion is based on my observations in the past 15 years or so. Indisputably the world became much smaller and much more global. That huge leap was mostly due to the extremely fast evolution of the computer systems and the high speed internet. We can talk to our relatives through skype for hours on end, we can order any movie or a song in an instant, we can watch any video we want, all -a click of a mouse away.

And of course this is a wonderful development, but also I come to understand that a lot of people can’t handle those new inventive and very smart technological advances. Why? Well, a simple proof for that is that 25 years ago you wouldn’t know what is Kyrgyzstan unless you go to the library and look it up, now you have google and wikipedia, but the world doesn’t feel much smarter, does it?

This is because people are very quick to take things for granted, for given and for entitled to. Now nobody cares what is Kyrgyzstan is you know that you can find out in a second only if you want to. Also consider this, nowadays there is such powerful computer technology available to us, but we don’t know how to use it. The hex core processors can do a trillion computations in a second, right in our homes but we don’t know how to use this power.

Instead of programming and creating – great options that computers provide, the majority of the people use computers of mindless internet searches or playing games. Now, I have to add here that I’m a big computer game fan myself, but I always find myself exploring the games that I play, observing how they were built, how the sounds were created. I just don’t think that there are many people out there who do that.

I think that people’s curiosity is dulled by the fact that they have all the options the computer world provides, if they get bored they can easily switch to something else, watch a video, check their account. The computer’s purpose changes form a great helper to a tool for zoning out, like a TV with endless features, where the brain doesn’t have to do much.

The truth of the matter is that we choose whether we want to be brainwashed or creative, it all depends how much we want to be creative and how much we don’t care to be brainwashed.