Recovery Email 5

I apologize for being a little more quiet than usual. As I mentioned before, I take two graduate courses while working full time and it is very challenging on my schedule. As much as I love interacting with people in recovery, I simply don’t have enough energy to dedicate to this site. I do my best to work on my own program of recovery by going to 12 step meetings, following through with my morning practice, and making phone calls. But writing on this forum, is more of a hobby for me. Something Read more […]

Interview with Jason Dean Counselor and Author of Quit Porn Addiction and Porn Game Over

Jason Dean is a counselor who specializes in assisting people with addiction or compulsive behavior problems. He is author of and What was it like before you realized that you had a problem with pornography? I haven’t had the anxiety and personal fallout that some people experience through problem porn use, but I have viewed porn (I’m a guy with an internet connection) and I’ve noticed how addictive it can feel. As a practicing counselor working with Read more […]

Warning Inside – Recovery Email 4

There seems to be an epidemic of our members having a slip, and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know to be extra careful in the coming up weeks. I don’t know why this is happening, but one of the theories that I have is because we might be transitioning from winter into summer. Weather is warming up, people start to wear less, and there are just more things that could trigger our subconscious minds and lead us to our old patterns.   Please remember everything that you’ve learned and Read more […]

Recovery Email 3

I feel like this is a good time for another recovery email. First of all we had a lot of activity on our forum. Here are some of the things that stood out for me. We have a new member Kai, who shared his story here, it never stops to amaze me how similar all of our stories are. I have never discussed this problem that I have with anyone, and yet it has been affecting me for twenty years. I am in an enviable position by most measures – married, in a respectable job and with a great quality of life Read more […]

Recovery Email 2

I wanted to reach out to you really quick. First of all, our member AnAllias has been keeping his journal on our forum for the past 4 weeks and amount of progress that he has made is amazing. I wanted to share it with you. Daily Checklist: Healthy Hydration (>6 glasses of water) Healthy Eating, except Thursday. Praying Morning and Evening, except Thursday. Reading Recovery Literature – mostly online. Meditating. Read more […]