There seems to be an epidemic of our members having a slip, and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know to be extra careful in the coming up weeks.
I don’t know why this is happening, but one of the theories that I have is because we might be transitioning from winter into summer. Weather is warming up, people start to wear less, and there are just more things that could trigger our subconscious minds and lead us to our old patterns.
Please remember everything that you’ve learned and continue to be extra careful!
Below are some of the post from our members. They kindly shared their experience on our forum, so you can learn from their mistakes instead of making your own.
If you have time, I would really appreciate you if could reach out to our members who are going through tough times and offer some emotional support.
Happy recovery to you,
RightWolf writes:
just had my second slip.. i couldn’t stand the pressure after bad writing test in college.
my life is terrible.. i don’t have anyone to talk to.. no girlfriend.. nothing.. just pain
there is no help for me it seems.. i hate God actually i don’t believe in him..
I just want die. One day I’ll commit suicide because this suffering doesn’t make sense…
I just want to be like my friends and enjoy in small things like conversations, jokes…
or i would accept my situation if I had a girlfriend… I pray God to give me a girl but like always nothing
fucking life and fucking God
Fuck fuck fuck