Thank You – Recovery Email 8

Today I went to an SAA meeting and got to hear a friend of mine presenting his “first step”. First step is a terminology used to describe the first step of Sex Addicts Anonymous which reads “We admitted we were powerless over addictive sexual behavior – that our lives had become unmanageable”. The first step tradition of SAA is to have the members write out their sexual history and examples of how progressively out of control their behaviors got. You can read more about the first step presentation Read more […]

Message to Rep. Weiner about his Sex Addiction – I Understand

Hello Mr. Weiner,Today your life has turned upside down. Your relationship has been dealt a mighty blow and your political careers is probably ruined.But I believe that one day you will look back on today as the day of your liberation. Today was the day when you were forced to break through the denial about your problem. Mr. Weiner, you are a sex addict and it is okay.You are surely not alone. You are following alongside such politicians and celebrities as Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Tiger Woods.But Read more […]