Hello Mr. Weiner,

Today your life has turned upside down. Your relationship has been dealt a mighty blow and your political careers is probably ruined.

But I believe that one day you will look back on today as the day of your liberation. Today was the day when you were forced to break through the denial about your problem. Mr. Weiner, you are a sex addict and it is okay.

You are surely not alone. You are following alongside such politicians and celebrities as Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Tiger Woods.But most importantly, you are following millions of other men and women who suffer with this problem alone.

Our society is in denial about the powerful energy that human sexuality is. We all were lead to believe that it is easy for men and women to do the right thing, given that they are willing to do so. As you found out through your own experience, it is not always the case.

Some people might not understand why would a successful politician engage in such activities as phone and video sex, but I understand. It is not easy trying to be perfect. It is not easy driving yourself to succeed, and at it not always easy doing the right thing.

Somewhere along the way you’ve probably developed a believe that sexual encounters over the internet were a healthy way for you to relax . You probably told yourself that internet was just a fantasy and that it would never effect the real life or hurt real people. I believe today you found out those statements to be false.

The truth is that slowly, through indulging in your bad habit, you lost touch with reality. You began doing more and more of it, slowly pushing the boundaries, until you got to the point where you no longer were able to make rational decision and made the biggest mistake of your life.

What it means for you, however, is a beginning of a new life. A life free of compulsion and dirty secrets. You might lose your job, but you will gain back your freedom. Empowered with realization of just how out of control your life got, you will be able to seek and receive help.

Over time you will slowly begin to unlearn some of your destructive habits. Over time your wife will learn to trust you again. Over time you will gain a new level of emotional maturity and be able to look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you might not be perfect, but that you are doing your best.

Welcome to the club Mr. Weiner. Our club of sex addicts in recovery may not be big, but it is growing. Join us, walk with us, and may be one day lead us. Your story may serve as a proof to the rest of the world of just how powerful sex addiction really is.