Today I wanted to share a very inspiring quote with you and announce new “Porn Harms” national awareness campaign.

One of your forum member TheFlyingPickle posted the following. I find this quote to be truly inspirational and describing just the right mindset needed to overcome addiction or make any other change in one’s life. You can read the full post here:

“Do what needs to be done.”
-Rhadi Ferguson, Judo champion.

He was asked “How do you stay motivated at such a high level?”

His reply:

People often let their psychological disposition affect their physiological disposition. Meaning, oftentimes you will not work out, not have a productive workout, simply not do what you are capable of or refuse to do what you know you should. I found at an early stage in the game that as an athlete you have to disconnect your justifications from your doings. Basically, champions do what they know they should. They do what needs to be done when it needs to be done – period.

The way I stay motivated is that I DON’T get motivated. The word motivation comes from the French word motif or the Latin word Motivus. It is defined as, “an emotion, desire or physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action.” I don’t move, act, train or live on motivation. I train and live based on intent.

Intent is, “Having the mind and will focused on a specific purpose.” So when I hit the gym for example, I wouldn’t dare say that I am motivated on being a champion. I say I intend on being a champion. Champions don’t operate based on motivation; they operate based on purpose.

Champions do things champions do. That doesn’t take motivation. That is the difference between motivation and intent. The Olympic creed states, “The most important thing in the Olympic games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing in life is to have fought well.” You can not compete well and fight well if you expect to operate based on hope or motivation. You can only compete and fight well if you intend to do so, and make a choice regardless of your emotional disposition. I am a 2004 Olympian and a four time World Judo Champion. Why? Because I understand the power of intent.

Also in the news, our friends at are lunching a 4 week long nation wide pornography awareness campaign. Some of the events they are having are:

Mon, 7/11 2pm EDT – Live Online Conference: Perspectives from addicts and the spouse. Watch LIVE and participate on Facebook.

Tue, 7/12 11am EDT and 9pm EDT – Web and Call Presentation: 5 Hidden Dangers Facing You and Your Family Right Now. Register at or call 989 720 8088

Thur, 7/14 4pm EDT – Live Online Conference: Tools to Overcome Pornography Addiction. Watch LIVE and participate on Facebook.

Thur, 7/14 9:00pm EDT – Webinar – Overcoming Sex Addiction: Learning the difference between fantasy and positive relationships.Email for call info. FREE subscriptions to Candeo addiction recovery program will be given out during the event.

Fri, 7/15 All Day – Twitter Chat: Facts & Answers on Porn Addiction in 140 Characters. Just tweet using #pornaddiction at the end of your tweet.

Sun, 7/17 9pm EDT – Online Movie Screening: Out of Darkness. The incredible true story of Shelley Lubben and her journey from a life in the pornography industry to a life fighting against them. Watch right on Facebook!

You can learned more about the event here: . Please try to spread the word if you can Smile.

I was asked to participate on twitter discussion on Friday 7/15 and I invite you to join us as well if you have a twitter account. Simply add #pornaddiciton at the end of your tweet. You can find me on twitter @feedrightwolf

That is all I got for now. I hope you are doing well.

May you have a sober and peaceful day!