I just finished my last meditation for the last day of my 2 week commitment.
The past two weeks have been great for me. I had some ups and downs, but over all I was being very productive, and I felt like the true myself was coming back. As easy as my commitments were, I had to use the remainder of the self-discipline that I had left in order to get through these two weeks. But now I am done. The goal is achieved and I can look back and honestly say that, with exception of few drawbacks, I have accomplished what I’ve set out to do.
For the next two weeks I am not going to add any new commitments, I will just keep on doing the same things that I’ve done so far. I will, however, increase duration and intensity of some of the exercises.
First of all, I am going to graduate towards doing man push ups. I was tempted to try to do 3 sets of 15, but decided to stay with baby steps and just do 3 sets of 10. I will also increase the sit ups reps by five, resulting in 35-25-15. Second, I am going to alternate the days that I work out ( Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) with cardio days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday). That way I’ll make sure that I get both strength and cardio workout. I am going to try to go swimming for 20 minutes during the week, and to go jogging for 20 minutes on weekends.
I will also increase the duration of my meditational session to four minutes. Once again I was tempted to go for five, but had to remind myself that for me this is a marathon and not a race.
So here is my new commitment for the next 2 weeks.

  1. Morning Prayer
  2. Drink Glass of Water
  3. Stretch
  4. 3 sets of 10 push ups, and 35-25-15 sit ups OR 20 minutes of cardio
  5. Breakfast
  6. Meditation (4 minutes)
  7. Journaling
  8. Drink Glass of Water
  9. Night Prayer

To be continued.