30 Reasons To Stay Sober

The following are just my personal 30 reasons. They were originally provide as an example in a post outlining a recovery technique called Exposure and Response Prevention. I encourage you to read the full article, as well as to develop your own reasons to stay sober. 1. My hopes of having a wife and a child will come true if I walk away. 2. I will be able to hold down and maintain a job if I walk away. 3. Remember the pain and hurt I caused my family and myself? 4. I am a good person Read more […]

Pornography is a Drug

As long as I can remember , I always had a very strong sex-drive , even as a child . I think sex is beautiful and natural and the most pleasant of human activity  . And if there is love and an emotional connection between the partners , it can even be a profound and healing spiritual experience . Unfortunately , most of the times we focus only on our own pleasure and become very egoistic and I think it’s the reason why pornography is so popular . It’s not abot sharing with you partner but only Read more […]

There is Much More to the Problem than Just Pornography and Masturbation

Dear Friends, I suppose that if you are reading this, we are in the same boat. It is my belief that, as long as we are here, we might as well make the best of it and learn from it. If we just “survive,” all of our suffering, shame, and guilt will be for nothing. But, if we learn about ourselves we will at least become better acquainted with who we are and what makes us tick. Of course our greatest desire today is to overcome pornography/masturbation. I have learned that, for myself, there Read more […]

My Experience as a Porn Addict

Dear Alex, My name is Mohamad and I come from a very far place called Brunei Darussalam. Brunei Darussalam is a very small country where more than 70% of the populations are Muslims. And believe me, I am one of the Muslim people in Brunei. Though I may not be good in writing my story in English, but I hope you understand how the story goes. Well, even though I am a Muslim, I am pretty much what you say an addict to pornography, and I was wondering if you could help me solve this kind of problem. First Read more […]

My First Post

The day that I realized that I had almost lost it all, I cried. A lot. Then I smiled. Then I laughed. You do not normally expect these kinds of emotions in the situation that I was in but yes, I laughed. You may ask why and I will tell you. I looked at how far my addiction had brought me. It had been ten years of use. I then looked at how far I had to go. For those who believe in God or any supreme being, I knew he had given me another sixty years to live. And the best thing was I was not dead. Read more […]

Is Pornography Addiction Real? It is For Me!

Like most of the people I grew up thinking that pornography viewing was a completely normal behavior. My parents thought it was normal and allowed me to do it as much as I wanted. I thought that I will be able to stop viewing pornography whenever I will find the right woman. Many years have passed, and I have progressively begun watching more and more pornography. At first I was limited by my parent’s presence, than I was limited by internet connection. I joined military and for a while, I was Read more […]