The day that I realized that I had almost lost it all, I cried. A lot. Then I smiled. Then I laughed. You do not normally expect these kinds of emotions in the situation that I was in but yes, I laughed.

You may ask why and I will tell you. I looked at how far my addiction had brought me. It had been ten years of use. I then looked at how far I had to go. For those who believe in God or any supreme being, I knew he had given me another sixty years to live. And the best thing was I was not dead. This meant that I still had sixty years to make use of or spend it looking at what I could have done and continue with the addictive cycle.

I will not lie to you and tell you that I did not relapse. I did so on so many occasions that I thought I was trapped in a loop that I would never get out of. That was until I read a book called the Ten Keys to Breaking Pornography Addiction, therein the writer has written about the things that he has learned from ten years of writing for his website,

That is where all of this started for me. If you can, please go and buy the book, maybe I will write a review on it soon right here. I hope to write a lot more for those who are looking for help and for those who are yet to find it.

This struggle is ours and the victory will be the best thing that happened to all of us. Hoping to hear from you below as you write your comments.