As long as I can remember , I always had a very strong sex-drive , even as a child . I think sex is beautiful and natural and the most pleasant of human activity  . And if there is love and an emotional connection between the partners , it can even be a profound and healing spiritual experience .

Unfortunately , most of the times we focus only on our own pleasure and become very egoistic and I think it’s the reason why pornography is so popular . It’s not abot sharing with you partner but only about realeasing sexual tensions and self-gratification . I can testify that pornography can become very addictive . The pleasure you feel when watching porn and masturbating is real and very intense . It’s fun until it becomes compulsive .

We are all looking for pleasure and I believe it’s the reason why we are on this earth , to feel pleasure and we reject pain or suffering as much as possible . But even if watching porn is fun at first , you can also become addicted to it . And you start needing more and more . More variety , more hadcore stuff , more time watching it . You can start feeling the need to watch things that you never tought you could watch because like any addict , you have to always have more and more .

I believe that the solution to it is to find a real partner that you love and respect and can share your sexual fantasies with . No one should be ashamed of their sexuality . But make sure you are not trying to fill a void or self-medicate a depression with pornography . I believe that the only thing that will make you truly happy is love and sharing with your partner .

In my opinion , porn is only a cheap substitute for true sexual fullfilment . You will always need more and you will never feel satisfied . It can be very difficult once it has become an habit ( believe me, I know ! ) but now I’d rather have true fullfilment that last with a partner that I love than a quick-fix that always leave you empty and wanting more.