I am not really a member of SA but I do have sex addictions myself. Haven’t really been attracted to porn much but I have ran across a few sites and felt trapped momentarily. Like all sex addicts, mostly men I presume, I masturbate quite a lot. Haven’t lately for the last month since I read a devotional type literature out of my EA Today Book. It was talking about one person’s sexual addictions and their emotional problems. They said something to the effect that since God has characteristics of both sexes, since we are made in his image, this person could use their sexual desires as an expression of their love for God. Sounds kinda blasphemous if you think about having sex with God but that’s not what it means. Sex is a physical act but what takes place during sex is spiritual as well as emotional. You become bonded to the person emotionally to the person you are connecting with, which explains the damage that’s done when you “love ’em and leave ’em.” Especially with women since they are more relational than men, who are more physical. Because God designed us to need a help mate, when we come together with another person it is also a spiritual act of worship to God, only if driven by a pure heart of love and not a spirit of lust. Anyway, for those of you without a partner, whenever you feel trapped by sexual desire just get out of yourself and focus on your Creator; This will involve crying out to Him in faith for His help because we are weak without Him. As you come to know Him in a deeper way, He can fill the void in your life for a companion since He is all you need, and in His perfect timing He may bring a lucky someone special into your life. If you save yourself for this person and keep pure by the Grace of God you will have one blessed marriage.