Doesn’t matter what Anonymous program or church you’re affiliated with, I’ve noticed. In my case and from what I’ve seen in the lives of others, our individual problems are related. Life is all about relationships and when we have broken relationships we try to bury our sorrows by getting high or drunk. Then after a while we  build a tolerance and have to use more to get the same effect. Eventually we become dependent and have to go through rigorous self-examination to be set free and live a wholesome life.  To be truly set free we have to first acknowledge God, or the presence of a Higher Power, and seek His presence because He is the source of everything and the most important relationship one can enter into. Because this relationship is so important, it overflows into the lives of those around us. Apart from this vital relationship our lives will seem empty and unfulfilled and we will dive headlong into the things of the world to fill us. Most relgions of the world refer to these things as idols because they take the place of God in our lives. And every “addiction” has an anonymous associated with it. Drugs & Alcohol have medicating effects. If used in moderation they can be relaxing. Because of this, abusing them is no different than taking too many pain killers or antipsychotics. AA & NA are two associations that deal with these issues. Gambling Anonymous is for people addicted to money, or greedy, to fill their spiritual void. Codependents’ Anonymous is for people with relationship addictions that base their happiness on others being happy and consequently neglect themselves in the process. There are many others but my group of choice is Emotions Anonymous because it deals with all these issues because EA members struggle with multiple issues. This creates too many commitments and creates more stress for the already struggling individual especially when one group can touch on all their issues. In EA, most members are mentally ill and are properly medicated and not self-medicating;  Just learning how to handle their emotions and manage their relationships with the help of fellow members. My favorite group is Celebrate Recovery because it is christian distinctly and even has Praise & Worship to sing praises to our Creator for the victory we already have in Himif we come to the end of ourselves and receive it. Plus they also have free food for a small suggested donation. Till next time;

Blessings & Peace,