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There are certain questions which need to be answered to know whether a person is sex addict or not. For instance, have you noticed changes in your sexual habits? Are you ending up having ‘out of control’ sex? Is this out of control pattern continuous? Have you ever tried to stop but were not successful? If the answers to such questions are a “yes”, then probably you have abnormal sexual behavior. Abnormal simply means not at all normal. Therefore these are the signs of sex addiction. A sex addicted person does not realize that there is a continuous desire to have sex and he/ she is never satisfied. The person may also realize that his/ her behavior is not normal, but fails to control it and admit it.

But when your partner suggests of he/she being addicted to sex, then act fast, or it may end up in a mess. If you don’t respond properly, then your partner may indulge somewhere else leading to an end to a beautiful relation. Following are the steps one must follow to help the partner to deal with sex addiction.

Keep the environment ever-filled with sobriety- This is a method which can be easily undertaken by anyone. It includes maintaining clean and safe environment, excluding all the sexual factors. Keep security for the computer which will not allow access to any porn material. Do not let your partner to visit places which can be highly related to sex. Avoid passing closely from strip arena and prostitute areas. Geological tracking from mobiles can be used here.

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Find a professional who can deal with the problem- The sex addicted partner may find it difficult to reveal it, but after revealing he/she finds it absurd when the person to whom it is revealed does not react properly. Therefore, find a professional who will understand the behavior and will treat accordingly. There are certified professionals who undertake counseling. They may be consulted by contacting through search engines.

Sex addicts meeting- The addicted people in such meetings are not known to each other. They are complete strangers to each others. Therefore this meeting can be called as sex addict anonymous. The people who have gone through such an addiction and have treated it successfully are the components of this ultimate treatment structure. All you have to do is explore yourself with these people and compare their incidences with yours. Be free with them and make sure you reveal everything. This is a personal choice and it is one of the best methods to treat sex addiction. It is a process where a partner compares his behavior with those present in the meeting and prepares a goal to treat it properly.

Therapy groups- There are many therapy groups treating such addictions. You can simply make your partner join one. These groups recover individuals going through addiction problems. Sex addiction is no exception.

Believe in yourself and your partner- Trust is the most significant factor to be realized in any relationship. The sex addicted partner needs lots of trust from you. Give it to him/her. This boosts the confidence in them to deal with the issue rather than taking some crazy steps and this surely will save the relationship.