Herman Cain is a Sex Addict – But is He a Sex Addict in Recovery?

For the past couple of weeks online world was buzzing about a number of sexual harassment  cases that involved Herman Cain and at least 4 different women. While, we cannot be sure that those allegations are true, at this point it is safe to assume that at some point in his life Herman Cain suffered with sex addiction, the real question that we should be asking is, did or did not Herman Cain learned to manage his sexual compulsion.

How can we be sure that Herman Cain is a sex addict?

Some people could argue that it is normal for any high level business men to have a sexual harassment case on his or her record throughout their career. And this statement is probably true. That being said, if something were to happen four times on four different occasion it would starts to seem less as a coincidence and more as a rule, don’t you agree?

After all Mitt Romney is a big time businessmen as well, but we don’t hear a lot of allegations of sexual herasment that involve him.

In her press interview Sharon Bialek detailed her encounter with Herman Cain while she was hoping to get a job from him. She described Cain’s advances towards her sexual, but not forceful. He tried touch her sexually, but stopped whenever she made it clear that she was not interested.

At the time Herman Cain was already married to his wife for many years. And while it possible to assume that he did not feel moral regret about his sexual acts, it seems very unlikely due to his extensive religious life.

This leaves us with just one conclusion – Herman Cain is a Sex Addict.

Is Herman Cain a Sex Addict in Recovery?

While most of our society views sex addiction as some kind of perversion, the truth is much more people that we would like to believe are struggling from this condition. If we were to discard all of the people who ever had compulsivity associated with their sexual behaviors, we would not be left with many options from which to chose our leaders.

Personally, I would not have a problem with a Sex Addict president, given that he is a sex addict in recovery.

If Herman Cain had his last sexual episode happen 10 years ago and had a clean track record ever since, I would have no problem with him becoming the next president.

If, however, he continues to act out sexually and continues to lie about his condition, I would much rather see him check himself into a sex addiction rehab instead.


Unfortunately in the past previous weeks it became apparent that Herman Cain is sex addict in denial,  who is yet to begin his recovery that is why I am happy that he withdrew his candidacy for president.

What are your thoughts about Herman Cain and his alleged sexual misconduct? Let us know in the comment area bellow.

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  1. Doug says

    A person in recovery is not someone who is not acting out, unfortunately. Also, length of sobriety is no proof against acting out.

    An AAer president could have 20 years sober, still get sloshed and go to a meeting the next day. He’d be “in recovery,” but not really sober at that point.

  2. iwishineversawporn says

    i find this interesting. i myself am very interested in poltics, and its funny how these stories only pop up after they are already running for president…

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