Have you ever wondered that sex might be harmful? It is a world known fact that anything done in excess and beyond a certain limit is harmful in one or the other way. The term sex addiction can be understood by the mere words in it. Those who are addicted to sex exhibit sex addiction. But, this is merely a short description. The real concept is far deeper than it looks. Sex addiction is a case when an individual wants to have sex numerous times more than that of a normal person. This can be a case in both, men and women. They can belong to various cultures and it is not mandatory for a sex addict to indulge with an opposite sex. Sex addicts can perform intercourse with person of same sex and even with a trans-gender.

Therefore, sex addiction is a serious issue which can ruin a person’s family life immediately when the story is revealed. Examples and cases of sex addicts are increasing rapidly in this free minded and “so what” world. One of such examples is given here. A man at an age of 49, revealed of being on the verge of breaking up his sixth relation. The reason was his noxious childhood. He masturbated and fantasized to soothe himself. At the age of having dates, he had it. But the fantasizing process turned into real and he had sex with numerous partners turning his life into a mess. This sexual process turned into an addiction before he could even know and therefore caused his relationships to break one after another.

There are many such examples whose verdict is a miserable family and personal life. Therefore sex addiction has to be treated.

Firstly to treat a sex addicted person, it is very crucial for him/ her to reveal it to a professional. After this, the person can become free in the treatment process as everything is known and understood politely. After this, the person may get treated with the help of a rehabilitation centre. The people there help the person to understand the fact that he is not the only one with such problem, and he can live a normal life too.

Programs such as the twelve step regime, hypnotherapy can be used in such centers.
A hypnotherapy can be termed as a process where a person is made to think about a goal oriented dream. This may be a day dream and it needs some concentration on behalf of both, the addicted person and the professional treating him/her. In this process, the individual recollects the crucial inner experiences to follow certain goals and objectives. This can help in treating sex addiction as the individual’s perspective towards sex is changed.

Psychotherapy is another process that helps sex addicts. It deals with the factors that make the person stressed and also provides necessary guidance to deal with such factors. Therefore it does not attack on the sexual methods, but it provides resistance to the reasons that make it happen.
Therefore, it is wisely recommended by experts to catch up a professional and/or a addiction treating center.