Every one of us knows that porn addiction is very bad product of Evil. Porn industry every years earns more than any other industry in the world. More than 60 % users of internet, watch pornography everyday.

Why am I telling this? Because, when you fail, you have to start again and again until you win this battle. Pornographers everyday share another videos and pictures and call us to come and “enjoy”. They all use all possible methods to catch us in their traps. Only way to avoid their traps is practicing our ERP and fill up our day with healthy activities. Alex’s course gives us a lot of advices and examples.

Every of us want one magic word that our addiction disappear. This isn’t possible. This word doesn’t exist. Our recovery is one process and it’s last one certain period. And in the end, when we become another person we will feel one incredible feeling. The feeling of victory!

It isn’t shame to fall down, it’s a shame not to get up.