Have you ever tried introducing the word or topic “Sexaholic” into any conversation with reference to any sexual topic? The looks, the jokes, and the laughter it is not so ideally respected. Of course with all these celebrities being labeled as a Sexaholic (Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas, Eric Benet, and Nicole Narin to name a few) the term is becoming a bit more welcomed. Still our society more so labels sex addiction as an excuse instead of a serious addiction or problem.

Addiction is always looked at as the Alcoholics, Gamblers, Drug Addicts habit even illness. Some may even allow and excuse Shopaholics, Bulimics, and Anorexics into the equation; yet you say Sexaholic and all bets are off. What do you consider to be genuine or impostrous? Know this I am not in any way excusing affairs or cheating when you willingly know what you are doing, this is not by all means a Sexaholic.

Sex addiction is the act of losing control over your sexual thoughts or actions. Sex becomes a minute to minute even seconds to seconds thoughts and actions. No longer do you care about where, when, or with whom you have a sexual escapade with. Porn on your cell phone, computer, DVDs, books and magazines are your lighter. The cigarettes are the websites and porn shops that you visit. That inhalation and exhalation of smoke are your high through masturbation or orgasm. Still no matter how much we know about STDs and AIDS, no matter how much we hear about rapes and pregnancies, we still risk it. Thinking clearly is not an option at this point. It is like a crack head needing that fix and doing anything to seek it, their minds have been consumed with that initial high. The same goes for the Sexaholic. Stress, anger, depression, loneliness, boredom, and even empowerment can be the triggers.

The difference between all other addictions with the exceptions of Bulimia and Anorexia, are that it is a part of us. How you may ask? Thinking about it logically all the other habits are external and foreign, which means not needed to survive. However, you need to eat and if you are like any one of us (excluding nuns and priest) you have sex and it is normal in your intimate life. So you see there is a fine grey matter in between the lines.

Going to Sexaholics Anonymous or Sex Addicts Anonymous , you have to abstain from having sex. Depending on your relationship status you eventually reintroduce sex into your life. The hard part begins, which is how not to overdo it. How not to fall back into old habits or be so tempted that you fall off the bandwagon. So you tell me is being a Sexaholic a serious matter or just a funny joke?