Sex addiction is continuous sexual fantasizing and putting it in activities. Have you ever thought of having sex without getting aroused? Have you been through a phase of continuous sexual habits and masturbation for just fun and without any intimacy? Have you ever tried to stop yourself and did the same thing over and over again in spite of the attempts? If yes, then you are a sex addict. Sex addict people show similar characteristics as mentioned above. Therefore treating a sex addict can become tedious if not done on time.

The main treatment for people addicted to sex is to replace those habits which are related to sex. A person was highly addicted to sex and he revealed it to a doctor. This was when the doctor immediately told him some measures to do before he feels like having sex again. Those measures included none other than his favorite things. He was basically a musician and therefore he was to play violin when he thought of sex. This helped him a lot as he became a great player of his instrument and also had a safe and regular sex life. Therefore replacing the sexual habits by something meaningful and pleasing can be the first step of the treatment.

Communication is the key to any treatment procedure. The sex addicted person often feels lonely and lost. Therefore his partner or his family should constantly talk with him/her and provide comfort. The person talking to them must be sensible and should never keep any grudges in mind. This will make the person to make commitment and possibilities of cheating and betrayal are minimized.

Many times, isolation from society leads to the growth of sexual desires. Therefore, such reasons, if any should be verified. The person addicted to sex due to these reasons should follow the 12 step group’s process.

When a person is treated individually, the factors leading to addiction are studied. Relapse prevention is one of the important measures of treating a sex addict. Identifying the intrapersonal conflicts can also be undertaken.

Making the person realize the condition from which he is going through is a basic fundamental. Even if the person knows that he has excessive sexual habits, making him know the seriousness and hazards of such habits is important. It may or may not change his/her behavior, but is makes a lasting impact on the persons mind.

Keeping a record can be helpful many times. For this, a journal can be used. The person addicted to sex can keep a record of the instructions given by a professional. He can write about the times he cheated on the procedure. This will help him to understand whether he is making progress or not.

The person, who is addicted to sex, has a great relation with internet as he/she may be using pornography to masturbate. But the same internet can be used to communicate with those people going through same problem. This may help the person to make some points to enhance his struggle for treating his habits.

These were some of the easy ways to treat sex addiction.