Before I start we all have to understand, who we actually are. And also to understand that truth is truth, it is what it is and we cannot deny it. It doesn’t need to prove itself, nor does it need our approval. If we hear someone speaking the truth we just feel inside that it is the truth he speaks.

Then I am going to start with a quote by someone dear to me “We are not humans beings with spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings with human experiences.” This is our first truth to understand before we continue further.

And further then I am going to try and explain, based on my experience with the problem that brought us to the website First of all this problem is a consequence of a variety of external influences mixed with internal energy imbalance. But before going further into the external factors that influence our actions and our inability to regulate, our mind, I would like to point out to everyone that, as said by spiritual teacher Mooji “all the troubles in this world are caused by the misconception of who we are”. Our mere existence is based on one thing and that is – sex. We are born as human beings, because of sex and were banished from The Heavenly Kingdom by God, according to the Bible, because we chose to exploit sex.
You can argue my statement as much as you like. It wouldn’t actually matter at all. What would matter is what you are going to do about your life and what choices are you going to make. That matters the most at the moment.

Trying to “cure” masturbation is like trying to “solve” world hunger. It is a consequence of a factor from a bigger picture. “In order to protect the sheep, you have to catch the wolf first”, do you know this saying? What difference does it make if you solve your masturbating issue, when millions of others are going to continue doing it, for me personally – none. Instead I have dedicated my life to searching for the answers of core problems, concerning our existence, such as ‘how to live in balance with everything’, because at the moment most of us live in conflict with ourselves, which consequentially leads us to living in conflict with others.

I hope my language has made some sense and also hope that you understood my overall philosophy about life – in a garden, don’t try to uproot the weeds, because they will keep sprouting, work on it constantly and weeds will not have ground to grow in it any more.