Well, there are a lot of addictions in this world. It is good to do something which pleases you and which surely does not have hazardous effects on your body. But, when that something is done repeatedly without a purpose and reason, then that is or maybe called as an addiction. Same is the case with sex. Are you interested in sex? Do you have sex many times which may be not considered normal in others terms? Sex may be pleasurable. But, when a person cannot control the urge to have sex above a certain limit, then that person is a sex addict. Sex addiction has certain symptoms that make you know whether you are a sex addict or not.

First of all the thinking capacity of the person can be tested. The person who often thinks about having sex makes it happen in reality. This can be done in numerous ways. Hazardous situations like visiting prostitute(s) whose history is not known can arise. Due to high sexual urge, the person can become a real tormentor on his partner (if he /she is the only partner). For example- a man once recorded to the doctor that even after having sex numerous times a week, he was not at all satisfied with his partner and ended up forcing her to perform more. This caused trouble in the relationship and they broke up. Therefore the thinking must be in a proper manner or should be strictly controlled.

Sex addiction affects concentration, strength, and memory. Mostly while managing the day to day schedule, people get messed up if they do nothing but think about and perform sex. Sex addict people may end up giving much more value to sex than their daily routine. Plus, they can also use sex as a healing agent from stress and tensions.

These symptoms can be dangerous and can cause faster and deeper addiction to sex which may become difficult to cop up with. Sex can be a provider of calmness and soothing after everything is done. But, some people might want sex to just satisfy them. They do not think about their partners. Therefore they end up having multiple known or unknown partners. The main reason for this is sex addiction. The sex addicted has such a high sex drive that he does not care about his permanent partner. When the partner is unable to fulfill his desire, the outcome is multiple affairs.

Most of the times, the person addicted to sex make hook up’s with known partners, even if they are numerous. But this may be contradictory in many cases. The person sometimes may end up having sex with a partner he doesn’t really want to be with.

A man of 48 years once revealed that he was not at all satisfied by his wife and liked sex at the same time. Therefore he started visiting prostitutes and even had sex with people with absolutely no features. He even told that he had sex with a man. This case can explain that sex addicts don’t really care about the partners. (This may be exceptional though).

Therefore sex addiction can be defined as that phase when a person cannot control his urge to have sex and ends up doing the same, numerous times.