Married to a Sex Addict: Breakdown

This should be the final post in the relapse series.  If you want to catch up or review, the previous three posts have been: Married to a Sex Addict: Relapse Married to a Sex Addict: Watching the Spiral Married to a Sex Addict: Confrontation, Denial, and Deflection Following a successful confrontation or intervention, some addicts may go through a kind of “breakdown” phase when forced to face what they have done and the harm they have caused.  Acceptance of the problem, and the realization Read more […]

Married to a Sex Addict: Confrontation, Denial, and Deflection

A couple of weeks ago, I began a series of posts about my husband’s recently-discovered backsliding and the insights I hoped to glean from sharing my experience, my feelings, and my observations here.  The first post (“Married to a Sex Addict: Relapse”) gave an overview of my current situation and explained what I hoped might useful about discussing it here.  The second post (“Married to a Sex Addict: Watching the Spiral”) explored what the addiction cycle and its progression often look like Read more […]

Sex Addiction: An overview

Sex Addiction or sexual addiction is a condition that is characterized by an unusually increased sex drive in a person. Like any other addiction, sexual addiction needs to be addressed with appropriate interventions. If left untreated, it may prolong and exacerbate into a more severe condition. In effect, the sex addict may continue to inflict destructive behaviors not just to himself but to the people surrounding him as well. What are the roots of sexual addiction? The addict’s intense craving Read more […]

Married to a Sex Addict: What is My Role?

My husband’s brother is an alcoholic.  Yesterday, my father-in-law commented, “I can love him, I can listen to him when he needs to talk, I can tell him he needs professional help, but that’s all I can do.  I can’t fix him, and there’s not much more I can do to help him.  The only one who can really help him now is him.  Mostly all I can do is just love him.”  Privately, I reflected on that statement in terms of my husband’s sex addiction and my role as his partner. One of my biggest struggles Read more […]

Sexual Addiction: Different Types

Sexual addiction has different forms. Each of this form needs to be properly intervened before the addict delves himself into a more destructive behavior. With appropriate intervention and treatment sexual addiction can be treated. The various types of sexual addiction are: Fetishism Fetishism is a type of addiction in which the addict tries to escape reality by focusing on an object, rather than a person. Fetishists focus on objects to sexually stimulate themselves into a more pleasurable Read more […]

How to Cure Porn Addiction: Get Help Now!

Pornography is a growing problem not only in this country but in other parts of the world as well. With the recent boom of the Internet, pornographic materials have become accessible and available 24/7 with just a few clicks of the mouse. It is no wonder that more and more people are now suffering from this condition, which can inevitably ruin personal relationships and prevent them from functioning normally in the society. The good news is that there are various ways available that explain how Read more […]

Finding the Right Wolf

Ironically, the most heartbreaking thing about my husband’s addiction is also the reason I have committed to staying in this relationship and offering what support I can:  He is a good man. My husband’s sex addiction has caused him to do some bad things, many of which were- and still are- very painful for me.  The man who posted pictures of me on a porn site and carried on a cyber-affair with a former partner, however, is also the man who once drove two hours in the middle of the night just Read more […]

Married to a Sex Addict: Watching the Spiral

I mentioned in a recent post that my husband and I are presently enduring a relapse of his sex addiction.  It seems to have been going on for several months now, and I am struggling to remember that I should not feel guilty for not catching it sooner.  The things I have found over the last couple of months, the things I realize in hindsight that I should have paid more attention to, and my husband’s responses to my concerns, fit the pattern I have observed during other episodes and relapses Read more […]

Married to a Sex Addict: Relapse

My husband is in the midst of what appears to be a major relapse of his sexual addiction, which appears to have been going on for several months.  In fact, it now appears that he was clean only briefly, if at all, following his last major relapse just over a year ago.  I am devastated. This will be a very difficult series of posts to write, but I feel that our current situation illustrates some concepts I have wanted to discuss here for some time now.  This first post will be an overview Read more […]

Married to a Sex Addict: Setting Limits and Consequences

A great post on the forum here recently pointed out that convincing an addicted partner to clean up might require you to issue an ultimatum along the line of “it’s me or the porn,” but it is very important that you only say this if you mean it and are able to follow through.  In my own marriage, I have told my husband at least four times that if he slips up one more time, I am leaving; just as many times, I have told him that if he lies to me one more time, I am leaving.  Every time I discover Read more […]