Awhile back I wrote a blog about drugs & alcohol being a form of self-medication. This week I learned how powerful sexual addictions are which means I’m grateful for this site myself. I get more out of it than the average support groups.

It’s great to have people with the same struggle to suport you. I learned this week how powerful sexual addictions are because I came out and accepted the fact that I’m gay. However because of religious beliefs I don’t see it as God’s best for my life. I am still highly attracted to women though, and someone once told me that most people are not entirely gay or straight but somewhere in the middle.

Sex without a spiritual/emotional connection is cheap and meaningless but addicting none the less. Drugs & alcohol can relax someone just like many of these modern day psychotopic drugs can, which is how many psych drugs actually reduce cravings for the hard stuff. Sexual addictions are tied to relationship addictions.

We try to fill the void in our lives thru relationships. Thus, we can become codependent and base our happiness on the happiness of others. Then in our desire to love and serve the our mate we tend to ignore our own needs. Then because we are not fulfilled we assume it’s because the other person isn’t happy. Happiness comes from a vibrant spiritual life and becoming more sensitive to the spiritual world which is something only your HP can do in your life.

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion but can make you appear more religious if you choose to get involved with a church as an way of thanking God for all He’s done for you. By focusing on the vertical relationship, all other relationships tend to fall into place and take care of themselves, although we still have to work at them it becomes easier.