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Sexual addiction has different forms. Each of this form needs to be properly intervened before the addict delves himself into a more destructive behavior. With appropriate intervention and treatment sexual addiction can be treated.

The various types of sexual addiction are:


Fetishism is a type of addiction in which the addict tries to escape reality by focusing on an object, rather than a person. Fetishists focus on objects to sexually stimulate themselves into a more pleasurable experience that they cannot get from a “normal” intercourse. Examples are obsession with stockings, high knee boots and body parts. It becomes a psychological disorder if it causes distress to the person and affects other important areas of his life.

If you have any of such obsessions, you should not feel overly guilty as this might cause more harm. However, you must admit that you have a problem that needs to be treated because this is the starting point of changing your destructive behaviors.


Voyeurism or the Peeping Tom syndrome is a form of addiction in which the addict consistently gains sexual pleasure through spying on other people engaged in private and intimate activities such as undressing or sexual act. This can cause intimacy problems to an addict because he is not actively engaged in sex to his partner but rather arouses himself alone.

To overcome symptoms of voyeurism you must understand that in order for treatment to be successful, you must have the desire to modify existing patterns of destructive behavior. This initial step can be difficult to take at first but with behavioral therapy, your strong impulses to spy on victims will be controlled.

Phone sex

Phone sex is a form of addiction in which the person is stimulated through virtual sex with another person via telephone. It involves sexually explicit conversations while masturbating in sexual fantasy.


Sadomasochism combines elements of both sadism and masochism in which the addict gains sexual gratification through inflicting physical and emotional pain to his partner during sex.

Unfortunately, a sadomasochist rarely asks for help because he refuses that he has such addiction.
Your improvement depends on your desire and willingness to change. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and positive behavioral therapy can effectively help in treating this kind of addiction.


Necrophilia is a strange kind of addiction in which a person is sexually addicted to corpses. It can be destructive for the addict if he has recurrent intense sexual fantasies involving corpses.
However peculiar this addiction may be, it can still be treated with psychosis, hypnosis and drug therapy. If treatment is sought, then this form of addiction can be combatted.


Nymphomania is a greedy need for sex which interferes with other important areas of life. Despite frequent orgasms, emotional intimacy is not achieved.

Embarrassment, shame and fear may hinder you to seek treatment but it is recommended that you should get immediate help. You may be treated through psychotherapy and medications. You can also join self-help groups where there you get the chance to meet other sexual addicts. The ultimate goal of treatment is to help you control strong impulses and lessen excessive behaviors.

Acknowledging that you have sexual addiction can be difficult to do. You may hesitate to seek professional help due to a lot of reasons. But it is of great importance that you act now, and take responsibility for your actions. Maintaining a healthy relationship to yourself and your loved ones is far satisfying and pleasurable than prolonged destructive behaviors.