Addiction From a Producer’s Stand Point – Choosing a Path That Should Have Been Avoided

It is not my intent to bash porn or the porn industry, that argument would be idle. Some of the people I have met in the industry are exemplary examples of professionals in how they conduct their business. Porn will always be around, no matter what and because of this it is totally dependent on the individual to do something to resolve issues of addiction. If you are reading this, there is a fair chance that you think you have a problem in your life related to porn or with sex in general. I have Read more […]

Happiness is The Secret to Productivity, Stopping Addiction, and Anything Else in Life

I haven’t posted in a while, but today I came across this amazing video on TED. First 8 minutes of it, is just entertaining to watch, but towards the end the author gets to the point. The point being that once we are happy our productivity increases. Once I heard that I was really interested to hear what tips the author would give to help us feel happy. I was very surprised when he listed them out: Listing 3 new things that you are thankful for every day Journaling Exercise Meditation Random Read more […]