The Date Minute Challenge

By Feed the Right Wolf Coach Michelle “Mishka” Perra. For an intimate connection to grow, it needs attention and nurturing. Love needs attention and nurturing. This is true for every single couple on this planet but it so critically important for couples that are healing and rebuilding intimacy after sex or porn addiction has wreaked havoc on their lives. Craig and I call this condition “sex affliction.” Sex affliction occurs when a relationship suffers a profound attack against its safety, Read more […]

Freedom from Porn Addiction – Webinar

Couple of weeks ago Craig and I did a webinar together describing some of the best tools that helped us in early recovery. You can watch the full recording here. If you would like to talk more to Craig you can always reach him on his phone: (916) 259-3827 or via his email: Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment area bellow. Accompanying Slides Read more […]

Ground Breaking Theater Work on Sex Addiction Recovery

David Kleinberg, former editor of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Datebook and a stand-up comedian who has appeared with Robin Williams, Dana Carvey and Richard Lewis, brings his ground-breaking autobiographical solo show – “The Voice: One Man’s Journey Into Sex Addiction and Recovery” – to Stage Werx Theater in San Francisco from March 3 to April 6. ON FACEBOOK: OFFICIAL Read more […]

Your Power of Choice to Feed the Right Wolf, by Coach Craig

By Feed the Right Wolf Coach, Craig Perra If you are reading this, that means that you made a choice. You chose to awaken that force inside you that insists that you are better than a porn zombie.  You have chosen, if only for seconds a day, and maybe it’s this second right here and right now, to say I’m sick and tired of surrendering my power of choice. Well, congratulations, you have chosen well. And that means something, and you should be proud. Just think about it for a second . . . what Read more […]

Dopamine Rush of Porn Addiction

Guest post by: Dorothy Hayden, LCSW New York Center for Sex Addiction Therapy I’ve written a great deal about the “marvelous dopamine rush” of viewing porn addiction.  Of course, there are many other endorphins and neurotransmitters involved in the allure of what I’ve called “The Erotic Haze.”  It’s a rather complex interplay of brain chemicals that produces this highly addictive state. The endpoint in knowing about the biochemistry of porn addiction is the Read more […]