There is a selfish component to recovery so I thought I’d use this post to be remind everyone that our actions, whether our SO (“significant other”) knows it or not, is causing hurt and pain. It’s moving you away from LOVE. That can’t be a good thing. That can never be a good thing.

Developing empathy will help you recover faster. Ask your SO how your habit makes them feel. Really ask and be prepared for a difficult answer. Learn how they feel unloved, unattractive, and sometimes even grossed out.

Embrace every ounce of the suffering you’ve caused and grow from it. Learn to bring love instead of reject it. Learn to see the world through someone else’s eyes and stop being a selfish dick.

Learn to respect and honor your sex. It’s powerful – and that’s science! If you believe anything about Darwinian Evolution you have to agree that sex is powerful. So stop playing with fire and use your SO’s pain as motivation to be the man you want to be. Listen to them and you will be a better lover, communicator, and human being.

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