I had a big slip

Hello friends, I am writing to get current and honest about my recovery. I just had a big slip last Thursday, which is the result of poor choices that I’ve made in the previous year. Bellow is the summary of some of conclusions that I draw for myself. 1. I got cocky I began to think of myself as THE Alex form Feed The Right Wolf. The reality is that I am just an Alex. I am no better and no worse than anybody else in recovery. I don’t know any secret sauce, and like everybody else I get Read more […]

I’m Coach Craig and Kicking A$$ is My Business

Hello everyone. If you don’t know I’m Coach Craig – the official coach for Feed the Right Wolf. This post is me bragging – I wanted to put that out there right up front. Pardon if it’s a little self centered and over the top but I have a lot to be proud of. My life was a mess, I was in shambles and now it’s awesome. That’s what this post is about. It’s also about “why it’s awesome?” It’s awesome because I took the worst thing that ever happened to me – consumption by compulsive behaviors – and turned Read more […]

Powerful Porn Statistics – Don’t Be a Statistic!

Did you know the average age of exposure to pornography is 11? Did you know that 20% of men admit to watching porn while at work (which in most companies subjects one to immediate termination)? Did you know that 40m Americans are regular porn visitors? Read on for some powerful porn statistics. Beyond the statistics, I want to know how porn is impacting your life. Tell me in the comments below. Read more […]

Porn Addicts – This Is the Fight for Your Life

By Sex and Porn Addict Coach, Craig Perra, J.D.*, CLC Official Recovery Coach for Feed the Right Wolf In this blog I want to teach you about the power of imagery and how we can use it to drive profound change. We are going to do some visualization to put your struggle in perspective and quickly empower you to take action. I heard this song the other day by a band called Sabatron. According to Wikipedia, “the band’s main lyrical themes are based on war and historical battles.” Sabatron is a heavy Read more […]