Hello friends,

I am writing to get current and honest about my recovery. I just had a big slip last Thursday, which is the result of poor choices that I’ve made in the previous year. Bellow is the summary of some of conclusions that I draw for myself.

1. I got cocky

I began to think of myself as THE Alex form Feed The Right Wolf. The reality is that I am just an Alex. I am no better and no worse than anybody else in recovery. I don’t know any secret sauce, and like everybody else I get out of recovery exactly what I put into recovery.

2. I got lazy

I stopped feeding the right wolf. All of the things that I’ve done in the first years of my recovery, I slowly let go of. I didn’t journal, didn’t write on FTRW, didn’t see a therapist, didn’t meditate, didn’t go to my 12 step group. Didn’t, didn’t, didn’t

3. I tried to do it alone.

In my first years of recovery, I had a strong support around me, from therapist, to sponsor it a 12 step in recovery, to a large 12-step group, to all of the people on this site. Since they, I stayed away, and tried to do it by myself. Alone. This is just not the kind of thing that you overcome in isolation. And when I do isolate, things tend to get worse.

I think that is it. I hope you are doing better with your recovery than I did with mine.