How to Beat a Porn Addiction: Know the Different Lies of Pornography

Some people claim that pornography helps them by improving or supplementing their sex lives. But how can something that thrives on lies, deceit, and objectification impart any positive effect on people? An important thing for people to realize is that pornography was not created to educate but to sell. It distorts perceptions, alters behavior, and tells all sorts of lies just to make people addicted to their product. Knowing how to beat porn addiction actually starts by being aware of the lies Read more […]

Dealing with Addiction to Porn

Is Porn Addiction Real? Porn addiction is real. I know it from personal experience, and from experience of thousands of others whom I meet in recovery. Is it scientifically recognized? No, it is still debated. But I want to remind you that alcoholism was not consider an addiction 50 years ago either. The important part is, if porn is ruining your life and you cannot stop on your own, the problem is real. Am I addicted to porn? This one is simple. Did you ever try to stop, and realized that Read more […]