Hello friends,

It’s Coach Craig and I want to share with you an infographic from our new friends at Desert Solace, a residential treatment facility for pornography and sex addiction.

I like what their founder Mark Jorgensen said to say, “though this addiction is soul-wrenching, I want to show others what I have learned and know is true – that the renewal of lives and relationships is truly possible.” I connect very much with this philosophy and grateful for him having the courage and leadership to help others get their lives back.

And he’s right, it IS possible . . . you can use the worst thing that maybe ever happened to you – surrendering  your power of choice in connection with your powerful sexual energy – to change your life in powerful way. I am living proof!

Someone told me I shouldn’t advertise my “competitors” and I think that advice is short cited and foolish. Our goal at Feed the Right Wolf is to help you find the right resource that’s going to change your life –  whether that’s with me or someone else. Your goal is to find out what works for you and take action. Plus the infographic is really cool.

Feed the right wolf inside you and check out the infographic below. Thank you Desert Solace for this helpful and informative tool.

The Science Of Pornography (Infographic)