You have spent many hours…wasted…alone…addicted.

Despite your efforts, despite the inevitable shame and self loathing that follow, you keep going back.

You feel you can never get out of the darkness.  That you can never stop hiding.

But, my friend…You CAN.  Just read testimonials of men who have completed our program. Read about lives being changed.  Believe that if someone else can…so can you.

Your struggle with addiction is really a struggle with the concept of being KNOWN- of being truly authentic with the ones you love.  It is a struggle that has brought you to a place of failure, failure to meet their needs or connect with them in an intimate way.

Your sexuality is the most powerful way you can connect with another human being.  It is messy.  It is vulnerable.  It is frightening at times.  So you hide instead of taking the risk.  And in hiding, you miss your life.

Do you hide behind your computer? locked doors?  Do you listen for footsteps and quickly pretend to be doing something useful or simply using the bathroom?  Do you wait until everyone is asleep to retreat into your private world?  Do you avoid eye contact, direct answers, honest emotional connection?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider that it is time to come out of hiding and start living your life.

So how do you start a new path?  One of openness and love?  One of integrity and vulnerability?

  1. You admit you have a problem to yourself.
  2. You tell someone who care about you, that you have a problem.
  3. You make amends with the people who you have hurt.
  4. You get help in becoming an authentic person.

Come out of hiding.  It has been done before.  It can be done again.  Come out of your cage.  Come out of your room, your bathroom.

Stop staring at your device or throwing away your sexual energy in destructive encounters.

Take a moment to ENVISION what kind of life you might have outside of the dark….

Help is available, my friends.  Take it.  There are people who want to KNOW you fully.

There are people who love you and are in pain because you HIDE.

There are people willing to help who have been there themselves.

Take a risk.  You have nothing to lose but a life in hiding.