Hey Wolf Pack!

Hello Everyone, My name is George Morning better known as “Coach G” , Master Mindset Creator. I empower men across the globe with the necessary tools needed to break compulsive, destructive habits; create passionate, healthy habits; and the #myndset to sustain permanent change.

So if YOU are ready for change and the creation of healthy habits, come on this journey with me as I talk about my entry, residence and exodus from HabitLand.

As a coach, one of the biggest things I discuss with my brothers is the power of our thoughts! During my “residence” in HabitLand I felt like a SLAVE to my triggers and thoughts! When I learned the principle discussed in the blog, you will see how it laid the foundation for my life changing FOREVER! Remember, we can’t control our triggers so it’s even more important that we are especially mindful of our thoughts.

Specifically, I want to spend some time with you discussing what i call the 4 Deadly Thoughts! REMEMBER, your thoughts are the ONLY place you can make break or change a habit!

Deadly Thought #1: Self-Deprecating Thoughts

“I’m such a LOSER!”

“My life SUCKS!”

“I’m such a piece of SHIT!”

Do you recognize these statements? Do they sound familiar? These are examples of self-deprecating thoughts. These thoughts are scream  and yell in our head the LOUDEST! They are the MOST dangerous thoughts as they tell us how crappy we are; always reminding us that  the glass is almost always half empty and that we can never do anything good enough!

We normally see and hear theses thoughts when areas of shame and guilt arise or when we are questioned or held accountable.

It can be something as big as relapsing or something as small as forgetting to take out the trash!

Deadly Thought #2: Self-Doubt Thoughts

“I can’t.”

“I’m unable to…”

“I’ll never…”

Statements like these are signs of self-doubt thoughts. They are almost as dangerous as self-deprecating thoughts. A big difference is that these types of thoughts rarely let us even BEGIN the process of getting better! We defeat ourselves with these thoughts before we ever get started with a project!

I remember in the first few sessions I had with Coach Craig. I had self-doubt thoughts running CRAZY! “I’ll never get rid of this habit.” “I’ll always get off to porn and not my wife.”

It was IMPERATIVE I got past these thoughts in order for me to really move forward, and the same applies to YOU!

Deadly Thought #3: Self-Entitlement Thoughts

These are the thoughts we LIKE!!!! These thoughts give us PERMISSION to do the unhealthy action! 

Think about a diet. You kept a GREAT diet all month long. And then that one day happens where you start to hear yourself say, “I deserve…” something unhealthy — a day from the gym, ice cream, candy, etc. — and ultimately unproductive!

Maybe you feel wronged by someone, like that driver who cut you off! As you’re yelling and flicking him the bird as you drive by, the thought is something like, “It’s YOUR FAULT I did …”.

Self-Entitlement thoughts removes the  accountability from us!

Remember, we are not entitled to an unhealthy lifestyle of any type; and unfortunately these thoughts if let unchecked can do just that! But make no mistake, we are entitled to something… THE PURSUIT OF A GREAT LIFE!!! 

Deadly Thought #4: Personal Objectifying Thoughts

We more commonly know these thoughts as the sexual thoughts.

“Look at her ass!”

“Is she flirting with me with her eyes?”

“I wanna fuck her!”

These are the more obvious, easily recognizable ones. However, I want to present the areas that require the most worst, the objectifying of of not only a person, but property and ideas!

I’ll never forget the time when I was at my worst with my wife. I tried to “make it better” with a night out and dinner at our favorite restaurant for some Pizza Ricetta. While there we were completely disconnected from one another. I noticed another couple, not the woman, the couple.

They were all over each other! I mean full on Lady and the Tramp love! Sharing meals, drinks, laughs, the whole nine.

I remember thinking, “Man, I WISH my wife would do that!” Unbeknownst to me, my wife noticed the same couple. Later that evening she disclosed that she was wondering what the man did to make the woman act like that!

You see, we only saw a quick glimpse of their life. We had NO IDEA what happened before they got there or what happened after they left! Hell, for all we know they could’ve been hired for a commercial!

Maybe you’ve seen a friend or coworker or just a passerby with your favorite car or in a position you desired. It’s one thing to want the position or a particular item, it’s another thing to desire someone else’s life and think you could operate it better OR adopt that for you.

Listen, AWARENESS IS KEY! Know how you think before you think you know how to change the action!

Tool for U: FIrst thought WRONG – Second thought RIGHT! This is your saving grace gentlemen! Master recognizing these thoughts in their infancy and practice “First thought WRONG – Second thought RIGHT” and make the second thought count!

Lastly, please check out the video I did on this topic at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POA67hMXPiA and feel free to contact me if you’re struggling with re-centering your thoughts! I give a free coaching call to all first timers reading this blog!

Coach G out!


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